Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Waiscoat of Rassilon

And now for the Waistcoat of Rassilon (said with an echo effect)

These waistcoats are in part based on the Victorian waistcoat Paul McGann wore as the Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who movie. The fine silk used shows a pattern made up of repetitions of the Seal of Rassilon. The different color themed packs are based on the different Time Lord chapters of the Gallifreyan Time Lords, of which there are six. Some i've broken up into smaller packs of two variations in a box. I recommend mixing these with something from another time period, preferably 21st century: jeans or sneakers, a time vortex manipulator or some such thing, all good complements.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these, I confess. I'm very happy with the shine and luster of the silk I found for this project. ;-)
Currently these Waistcoats can only be found at the Panopticon in New Gallifrey or the Cardiff Millenium Center in Katrina. I'll be putting them up in the To-a-T shop in Caledon Eyre sometime this week, with an official announcement.

-A special thanks to Mr. Numinus Quandry for posing for the vendors.
-A special thanks to Mr. Sputnik for helping with the textile pattern creation. He is a texture king.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Lord Robes

Yes, finally, after working on these for almost a year, off and on, they are finally finished. I absolutely lurves my Doctor Who, so i think i was being overly perfectionist. Not that they are perfect (I'm already thinking how they could be better), but you simply have to recognise your limitations and let go sooner or later...*sighs*

Time Lord Robes for the discerning Time Lord or Lady. 66 different colors with a color change menu on touch. Thousands of color combinations, as there are 5 different parts of the head dress that can be colored separately. When being haughty and superior over most species in the known Universe simply isn't enough, every self respecting Time Lord knows that overly elaborate, large and attention getting ceremonial robes are what's needed to supply that extra dash of snobbery and strike instant humility into any visiting alien. If you are of the evil Time Lord/Lady variety, these fit the bill for instilling fear in your minions and enemies alike. So if you're either in the council chambers showing off your house colors with pride or just feel like looking fab when hanging by your TARDIS pool, these traditional Time Lord Robes fit the bill.

Look for them at The Panopticon in New Gallifrey, To-a-T's main shop in Caledon Eyre, or Katrina's Millenium Centre

-A special thanks to Lady Sen Pixie and Lord Oolon Sputnik for nagging me and hammering on my head with a cartoon mallet until I finished these.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Mad Hatter To-a-T party

Twinkle, twinkle little bat,
1 to 4 and bring a hat,
April 3rd without a care,
To-a-T in Caledon Eyre.

“Merry Unbirthday” we will say,
Flamingos and hedgehogs play croquet,
Waltz among the dinner things,
“I’m late, I’m late” white rabbit sings.

Cheshire cats smile with glee,
Great big cups of dormouse tea,
“Drink Me” bottles and cake for free,
So come along and dance with me!

Miss Terry Lightfoot graciously invites you to the Mad Hatter’s To-a-T Party at To-a-T in Caledon Eyre on the 3rd April.

Well I held my first To-a-T shop party this past friday, the Mad Hatter To-a-T party, and it was a mad success. I have to thank the organizers, Alfonso Avalanche and Fuschia Begonia as well as the DJ, Elrik Merlin for doing the MOST EXCELLENT job possible. They put alot of their time into it and it showed. Croquet flamingoes, floating marching cards, giant tea tables with giant tea pots, lovely Alice in Wonderland cutouts. I made my own contributions by working on freebies like an "Ace up your sleeve Typer" and a new line of waistcoats i'm calling the Maverick(gambling, get the idea) and each waistcoat has a suit of cards associated with it. For the party i made a fun dramatic one with diamonds i'm calling the Diamond Jim version, that went out with the freebie box. There is another i finished in time that's simply "Full House" version and of course shows all the suits' symbols: Black on a deep red background of subtle striping. Of course I had to make a half cup of tea and a couple of Mad Hats, and it was all packaged in a "To-a-T Chest" :-)

Overall it was a blast, several people IMing me about the DJ and loving his crazy ecclectic taste. The playlist was a mad jigsaw of diametrically opposed music styles, yet somehow all working together. And, of course, when the "Cardiff Rift" gang from Katrina showed up...well it was about 10 minutes of Doctor Who music spam :D which was just fine by Most of my friends were able to be there including my lovely RL husband Stanley and a mad wild time was had by all!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

1890's Classic Evening Tailcoat for the gentleman

~New 1890's Classic Evening Tailcoat is up at the To-a-T main shop in Eyre. Classic step collar and 1890's styling on the tailcoat jacket, white gloves, two dress waistcoats, trousers, cane with optional ao, formal top hat, formal winged collar & bow cravat. Get yours now be dapper today!~