Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steam Hunt Treasure Hunters

The Steam Hunt's been quite a success, with lots of treasure hunters hauling in a nice load of Steampunked booty. Every once in a while happy hunters have IM'd me with thanks for the gift, which is so sweet to hear, very encouraging.There's a nice write up on the Steam Hunt on the "Chic at Phil's Place" blog, including a sweet mention of my free Steam Hunt gift for the ladies. There's a men's version in the treasure package as well, fyi. Don't want to spoil the surprise but for a picture of the ladies version follow this link.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Second Life fashion meets Real Life fashion.

Below you see the lovely Jema Hewitt, period and vintage clothing designer extraordinaire. I made this dress thinking of her Second Life character, Emilly Ladybird, and her love of red. She was, in turn, inspired to reproduce it in real life. I've placed the original dress version underneath the RL creation for reference. I couldn't be more thrilled! It's pretty exciting to see one's imagination made real.
Please visit Jema's website and peruse her amazing work.
She also creates lovely Steampunk jewellery which you can see here:

Jema's Domino Ladybird Dress

Jema's Domino Ladybird Dress-Bustle

Domino Ladybird-WIDE
and here's the original(click it for more info).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Poppins in the Park" Reckless Boots

A new color scheme for the "Reckless" boots is at the main To-a-T shop in Caledon Eyre. "Poppins in the Park" is named for it's flirty white brocade, it's luscious red heel and toe caps and rich black embroidery. There are two pairs in the box, the only difference being the shoe lace colors. Red or White.
Caution: These boots won't blend with just anything, and are meant to be worn by a lady of wit, imagination and daring.