Saturday, June 20, 2009

Automated Alice, metal steampunk corsets

To-a-T releases the Automated Alice, metal steampunk corsets in a rich variety of metals, including copper & mixed metals, gold, silver, silver & brass, Rusty Iron & silver, Iron & gold, Iron & silver. Lovely metalwork consisting of victorian scrolls and cogs decorate these waspie waist shapers. Sold on 3 different clothing layers including a Kiralette blouse in cream.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sarah Jane Bloomers and Automated Alice Ensemble

Bloomers in Public! The scandal!
Yes, To-a-T has made bloomers, feel free to wear these in public places. Think of the outrage, think of the attention! ;-)
Sarah Jane Bloomers & Automated Alice ensemble is at the main shop in Eyre now. The striped bloomers are trimmed wi bows & ruffles at the knee. The Automated Alice is an underbust corset made of hand worked metals, this model is made with iron and gold, velvet padding inside for comfort. Also included is the Kiralette ruffled blouse in luxurious silk, a lovely lace and ribbon choker, and the piece de resistance - a winged cog fob watch(Tempus Fugit) that plays a lovely french tune and chimes the hours by steam. It's all topped off with a Tesla Bowler that sparks on touch! Smart & Sassy.


This ensemble comes in 7 colors:

So satisfying to be done. Now on to the next in line. The rest of the Automated Alice metal corsets!