Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow globe Mini-Top Hat

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Snow Globe on top of a mini-top hat, non?
Yes, it's a snowy snow globe perched on a red crushed velvet mini-top hat, decorated in white feathers, red ribbon, diamonds, Holly leaves and berries. Red netting offers an extra degree of coquetish glamour. It should look perfect with any white, red or green ensemble.
Meant for festive holiday celebration!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Gigi Colombe" for the Holidays

To-a-T presents: "Gigi Colombe", an Edwardian gown, released only in reds and rose colors. This is a reproduction of a gown from the movie "Gigi". In the original the black birds seem to hold up the white strapless gown. Since we are in the holiday season, the birds are white doves and the gown is in cheery reds & rose colors. There is an optional train that ads a regal Edwardian flair or it can be worn without it for a more modern air.


Rose d'Hiver


Rose Blush

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! :-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Jack Industrial Topper

To-a-T presents the Halloween Jack Industrial Topper for the Gentlemen. A Jack-O-lantern sits atop a black velvet tophat with wooden and brass detailing, including rivets and steam stack. On the front there is an ominous skull with glowing green eyes and two purple feathers wi a touch of bounce set off the hat. There is a special halloween sound when touched. The perfect Halloween hat to finish off any fall outfit.

Halloween Jack Industrial Topper

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Dead Bennet

"The Dead Bennet", a Regency period gown for Halloween or whenever you might feel frightful. Based on my Elizabeth Bennet dress, it's a mourning gown with a bit of a Halloween touch. When relatives don't stay dead, this is the perfect outfit. Try it wi one of our Halloween fascinators, or the Spider Tikka for the complete Halloween look.


I promise this is the end of my Halloween madness! All done. :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween themed fascinators!

Two veiled fascinators for this Halloween season:
- A Jack-O-Lantern fascinator that does a Vincent Price Laugh when you touch it;


- And a miniature Witch's Hat fascinator that emits bats(touch to turn off).
Either fascinator is perfect for any Halloween outfit, the final "piece de resistance"!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spider Tikka Massala

Presenting the: "Spider Tikka Massala" A spider themed "tikka" (Indian forehead jewelry) for Halloween. This tikka is made in diamonds and antiqued silver. Elegant yet creepy, perfect for any Halloween outfit. If you poke the spider there's a chilling scream. :-)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

To-a-T is offering TCMD's TARDIS earrings

To-a-T is happy to offer TCMD's TARDIS earrings. Amazing micro-sized TARDISes, they come in gold or blue and soon will be in silver as well. Being a Doctor Who fan I couldn't resist this.



Friday, October 9, 2009

Lady Romana

-A Neo-Victorian Gown.
For the lady of distinction and class, this gown features an eye catching A-line silouette, emphasized by embroidered ribbons(font & back) that travel the length of the bodice and down, moving freely over top of the skirt’s silky fabric. It comes with an array of wearing options, from a Victorian look that includes a velvet, feathered fascinator to the ‘futuristic’ (sleevless & daring!). Also included is “Tikka” forehead jewelry, so fashionable in the exotic far East and all the rage in the West among those of the “Bohemian” persuasion.
The Tikka, if examined closely, features a miniature gear framing a precious stone and small seal of Rassilon filligree. The Tikka comes in two color options, gold or silver, included with the gown.





Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steam Hunt Treasure Hunters

The Steam Hunt's been quite a success, with lots of treasure hunters hauling in a nice load of Steampunked booty. Every once in a while happy hunters have IM'd me with thanks for the gift, which is so sweet to hear, very encouraging.There's a nice write up on the Steam Hunt on the "Chic at Phil's Place" blog, including a sweet mention of my free Steam Hunt gift for the ladies. There's a men's version in the treasure package as well, fyi. Don't want to spoil the surprise but for a picture of the ladies version follow this link.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Second Life fashion meets Real Life fashion.

Below you see the lovely Jema Hewitt, period and vintage clothing designer extraordinaire. I made this dress thinking of her Second Life character, Emilly Ladybird, and her love of red. She was, in turn, inspired to reproduce it in real life. I've placed the original dress version underneath the RL creation for reference. I couldn't be more thrilled! It's pretty exciting to see one's imagination made real.
Please visit Jema's website and peruse her amazing work.
She also creates lovely Steampunk jewellery which you can see here:

Jema's Domino Ladybird Dress

Jema's Domino Ladybird Dress-Bustle

Domino Ladybird-WIDE
and here's the original(click it for more info).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Poppins in the Park" Reckless Boots

A new color scheme for the "Reckless" boots is at the main To-a-T shop in Caledon Eyre. "Poppins in the Park" is named for it's flirty white brocade, it's luscious red heel and toe caps and rich black embroidery. There are two pairs in the box, the only difference being the shoe lace colors. Red or White.
Caution: These boots won't blend with just anything, and are meant to be worn by a lady of wit, imagination and daring.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Tempus Fugit" the ladies' velvet fascinator that tells time

For the elegant lady who has almost everything, we present the Tempus Fugit: A lovely steampunk black and white velvet fascinator (mini-top hat) with a winged gear watch on the front. It tells SL time, & with an optional hourly tune(a waltz), it chimes the hours with steam. Nice stripey ribbon & scrolls decorate it. Ribbed, riveted & "cogged" this lovely topper comes with coquette netting that falls over the eyes. Flirtatious and fresh, this is a vital accessory for any lady needing to get to that tea party on time!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Kiralette Blouse in 22 colors

The romantic and daring Kiralette ruffled blouse is now available in 22 colors. I first made the blouse in cream to be worn with the Automated Alice corsets. I ended up liking it so much I thought it should be available in other colors. Below I've posted a sample of a few with a slide show of the rest.
I think I'll have to make a flouncy, peasant or gypsy style steampunk skirt to go with this...maybe a camisole too? Hmmm...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Reckless Victorian Ankle Boots

These "Reckless" Victorian ankle boots are designed especially for preventing twisted ankles when adventuring about. Whether in the city, the country or above it all in a hot air balloon, ladies can rest assured they won't be slowing down the action with a broken ankle. Cobbled in sturdy brocade and leather, and featuring lovely embroidered scrollwork, Fashion will also be present for the adventure. Carry on undaunted steampunk Miss!


RFL Pink Sarah Jane - Automated Alice ensemble.

An especially femenine RFL version of the "Sarah Jane and Automated Alice" ensemble in pink.
You can find this shameless ensemble at Piermont Landing
or To-a-T in Port Babbage.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Automated Alice, metal steampunk corsets

To-a-T releases the Automated Alice, metal steampunk corsets in a rich variety of metals, including copper & mixed metals, gold, silver, silver & brass, Rusty Iron & silver, Iron & gold, Iron & silver. Lovely metalwork consisting of victorian scrolls and cogs decorate these waspie waist shapers. Sold on 3 different clothing layers including a Kiralette blouse in cream.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sarah Jane Bloomers and Automated Alice Ensemble

Bloomers in Public! The scandal!
Yes, To-a-T has made bloomers, feel free to wear these in public places. Think of the outrage, think of the attention! ;-)
Sarah Jane Bloomers & Automated Alice ensemble is at the main shop in Eyre now. The striped bloomers are trimmed wi bows & ruffles at the knee. The Automated Alice is an underbust corset made of hand worked metals, this model is made with iron and gold, velvet padding inside for comfort. Also included is the Kiralette ruffled blouse in luxurious silk, a lovely lace and ribbon choker, and the piece de resistance - a winged cog fob watch(Tempus Fugit) that plays a lovely french tune and chimes the hours by steam. It's all topped off with a Tesla Bowler that sparks on touch! Smart & Sassy.


This ensemble comes in 7 colors:

So satisfying to be done. Now on to the next in line. The rest of the Automated Alice metal corsets!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Edwardian Blossom - Spring Blooms!

Finally they're here and in the shop: The full color line of the Edwardian Blossom dress is up and in 6 glorious colors.
Dare to bare your decolletage in this ultimately sensuous Edwardian silk ball gown. With delicate organza shoulder ruffles and satin rose detailing, you will be the belle of any ball. The skirt comes in long and short train variations with optional bow trimmings. The sculpted bodice is exquisitely trimmed with either a plain or rose garlanded decollete. Matching dip dyed slippers included.

Verdant & Peach
Hibiscus & Orchid

Morning Glory & Black Orchid

Wear the plain decollete option for a sleeker modern look.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Edwardian Blossom - Sneak Peek

Dare to bare your decolletage in this ultimately sensuous Edwardian silk ball gown.
The Special premiere release of the Orchid colorway was this past friday.

The other colors to be released this coming Friday, May 8th. All the colors are:

Morning Glory
Peach Blossom
Black Orchid

And having just finished making the rest of my vendor images for this line of ball gowns, I thought I'd do a quick upload of some of the photos and give a preview of the colors to be available.

Now done with all the colorways, all I have to do is package them for this coming friday.
Oddly, my favorite vendor turned out to be the dark gown. Not very springy, but it's got that gothy dramatic look.'s a black orchid, it's supposed to be dark. That's my excuse for sneaking in the dark one...perhaps she's the black sheep of the family.

I've been working on these a ridiculously long time and I won't tell you how long either! But I'm happy with the outcome.
Spring has sprung! ;-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Waiscoat of Rassilon

And now for the Waistcoat of Rassilon (said with an echo effect)

These waistcoats are in part based on the Victorian waistcoat Paul McGann wore as the Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who movie. The fine silk used shows a pattern made up of repetitions of the Seal of Rassilon. The different color themed packs are based on the different Time Lord chapters of the Gallifreyan Time Lords, of which there are six. Some i've broken up into smaller packs of two variations in a box. I recommend mixing these with something from another time period, preferably 21st century: jeans or sneakers, a time vortex manipulator or some such thing, all good complements.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these, I confess. I'm very happy with the shine and luster of the silk I found for this project. ;-)
Currently these Waistcoats can only be found at the Panopticon in New Gallifrey or the Cardiff Millenium Center in Katrina. I'll be putting them up in the To-a-T shop in Caledon Eyre sometime this week, with an official announcement.

-A special thanks to Mr. Numinus Quandry for posing for the vendors.
-A special thanks to Mr. Sputnik for helping with the textile pattern creation. He is a texture king.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Lord Robes

Yes, finally, after working on these for almost a year, off and on, they are finally finished. I absolutely lurves my Doctor Who, so i think i was being overly perfectionist. Not that they are perfect (I'm already thinking how they could be better), but you simply have to recognise your limitations and let go sooner or later...*sighs*

Time Lord Robes for the discerning Time Lord or Lady. 66 different colors with a color change menu on touch. Thousands of color combinations, as there are 5 different parts of the head dress that can be colored separately. When being haughty and superior over most species in the known Universe simply isn't enough, every self respecting Time Lord knows that overly elaborate, large and attention getting ceremonial robes are what's needed to supply that extra dash of snobbery and strike instant humility into any visiting alien. If you are of the evil Time Lord/Lady variety, these fit the bill for instilling fear in your minions and enemies alike. So if you're either in the council chambers showing off your house colors with pride or just feel like looking fab when hanging by your TARDIS pool, these traditional Time Lord Robes fit the bill.

Look for them at The Panopticon in New Gallifrey, To-a-T's main shop in Caledon Eyre, or Katrina's Millenium Centre

-A special thanks to Lady Sen Pixie and Lord Oolon Sputnik for nagging me and hammering on my head with a cartoon mallet until I finished these.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Mad Hatter To-a-T party

Twinkle, twinkle little bat,
1 to 4 and bring a hat,
April 3rd without a care,
To-a-T in Caledon Eyre.

“Merry Unbirthday” we will say,
Flamingos and hedgehogs play croquet,
Waltz among the dinner things,
“I’m late, I’m late” white rabbit sings.

Cheshire cats smile with glee,
Great big cups of dormouse tea,
“Drink Me” bottles and cake for free,
So come along and dance with me!

Miss Terry Lightfoot graciously invites you to the Mad Hatter’s To-a-T Party at To-a-T in Caledon Eyre on the 3rd April.

Well I held my first To-a-T shop party this past friday, the Mad Hatter To-a-T party, and it was a mad success. I have to thank the organizers, Alfonso Avalanche and Fuschia Begonia as well as the DJ, Elrik Merlin for doing the MOST EXCELLENT job possible. They put alot of their time into it and it showed. Croquet flamingoes, floating marching cards, giant tea tables with giant tea pots, lovely Alice in Wonderland cutouts. I made my own contributions by working on freebies like an "Ace up your sleeve Typer" and a new line of waistcoats i'm calling the Maverick(gambling, get the idea) and each waistcoat has a suit of cards associated with it. For the party i made a fun dramatic one with diamonds i'm calling the Diamond Jim version, that went out with the freebie box. There is another i finished in time that's simply "Full House" version and of course shows all the suits' symbols: Black on a deep red background of subtle striping. Of course I had to make a half cup of tea and a couple of Mad Hats, and it was all packaged in a "To-a-T Chest" :-)

Overall it was a blast, several people IMing me about the DJ and loving his crazy ecclectic taste. The playlist was a mad jigsaw of diametrically opposed music styles, yet somehow all working together. And, of course, when the "Cardiff Rift" gang from Katrina showed up...well it was about 10 minutes of Doctor Who music spam :D which was just fine by Most of my friends were able to be there including my lovely RL husband Stanley and a mad wild time was had by all!