Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daughter of Shanghai in China Red

An 1882 Kimono Bustle Dress in China Red

Inspired by the Steelhead Shanghai sim (by TotalLunar Eclipse) and the thought of "What would Asian Steampunk look like?" I took the narrow bustle style dress of the early 1880's and combined it with Asian styling. Being that Valentines AND the Chinese New Year(Tiger, btw) was around the corner, China Red seemed to be the obvious first color. With or without the waspie corset the Chinese silk sheen gives it a luxurious look. The lacy blouse and standup collar with metal hinges ads an exotic flavour to the ensemble, and when the bottom dress fabric is worn without the bustle it takes on an Edwardian fishtail look.
A cute bowler fascinator is ads to the steampunk flavour along with red lantern hairsticks and a little decolletage rose to wear as well, just for flirty fun.
It also looks good when down to the basic system skirt if you need a low lag outfit that still looks great.

Find it in Steelhead Shanghai.