Friday, March 12, 2010

'Daughter of Shanghai', in Lucky Jade green

A 1882 Victorian-Steampunk Kimono Bustle Dress.

Inspired by the Steelhead Shanghai sim (by TotalLunar Eclipse) and the thought of "What would Asian Steampunk look like?" This time in Jade green with Rust orange accents

This version of the outfit comes with so many accessories!
An opium pipe.
A lovely parasol and a fan with a green clover motif. They both close and open on touch and include holding and fanning anims that work alongside AOs.
A feather boa.
I've also included an accessory chain. It has a charm and a couple of opium accoutrements on it.

Happy St. Patty's day! :-)

Some Blog mentions:
Miss Breezy Carver has also covered the Lucky Jade Shanghai on her blog, celebrating Saint Patrick's day with a number of pictures of our new outfit. Please visit her site here. You might think of subscribing to her site as she does a regular coverage of not only fashion but current events in the Steamlands, especially New Babbage sims.
Thank you Miss Carver for the lovely article!

Miss Twisted Lemon has had some fun photographing both versions of the Daughter of Shanghai dress on her blog, here. She's a great SL photographer that works both on the Primgraph and the PrimPerfect magazines. I'm honored. What's nice about her pics in this instance is that there was no photoshopping and they look wonderful as they are.
Nice av, Miss Lemon! *waggles brows* ;-)
Thank you!