Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Smashing Steampunk Iron Man Pocket Watch

This smashing steampunk Iron Man pocket watch design is by Adi Simon. I love the little gaps in the casing showing off various gears, and of course that glowing heart. The jewel of a steampunk sophisticate's fashion ensemble.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Graphic Stereoview of the Giant Redwood,
Pluto's Chimney

Thomas Houseworth & Co. Mammoth Trees. 905.
Pluto’s Chimney, burnt up a distance of 90 feet,
Mammoth Grove, Calaveras County. VG.
One half of a "stereoview" of what looks to be a giant Redwood or a Sequoia tree. I just thought the image was beautiful, the red corners giving it a mod, graphic feel, despite the age of the original item.

I originally found just this one image somewhere on Flickr  while perusing public domain images for my digital collage art, but then found it again including a few more stereoview tree pictures and many more stereoview images on Jeffrey Kraus' Antique Photographics blog. It's well worth the visit, if you enjoy that sort of thing, and the blog also features CDVS and daguerreotypes, etc.