Friday, October 9, 2009

Lady Romana

-A Neo-Victorian Gown.
For the lady of distinction and class, this gown features an eye catching A-line silouette, emphasized by embroidered ribbons(font & back) that travel the length of the bodice and down, moving freely over top of the skirt’s silky fabric. It comes with an array of wearing options, from a Victorian look that includes a velvet, feathered fascinator to the ‘futuristic’ (sleevless & daring!). Also included is “Tikka” forehead jewelry, so fashionable in the exotic far East and all the rage in the West among those of the “Bohemian” persuasion.
The Tikka, if examined closely, features a miniature gear framing a precious stone and small seal of Rassilon filligree. The Tikka comes in two color options, gold or silver, included with the gown.





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