Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Mad Hatter To-a-T party

Twinkle, twinkle little bat,
1 to 4 and bring a hat,
April 3rd without a care,
To-a-T in Caledon Eyre.

“Merry Unbirthday” we will say,
Flamingos and hedgehogs play croquet,
Waltz among the dinner things,
“I’m late, I’m late” white rabbit sings.

Cheshire cats smile with glee,
Great big cups of dormouse tea,
“Drink Me” bottles and cake for free,
So come along and dance with me!

Miss Terry Lightfoot graciously invites you to the Mad Hatter’s To-a-T Party at To-a-T in Caledon Eyre on the 3rd April.

Well I held my first To-a-T shop party this past friday, the Mad Hatter To-a-T party, and it was a mad success. I have to thank the organizers, Alfonso Avalanche and Fuschia Begonia as well as the DJ, Elrik Merlin for doing the MOST EXCELLENT job possible. They put alot of their time into it and it showed. Croquet flamingoes, floating marching cards, giant tea tables with giant tea pots, lovely Alice in Wonderland cutouts. I made my own contributions by working on freebies like an "Ace up your sleeve Typer" and a new line of waistcoats i'm calling the Maverick(gambling, get the idea) and each waistcoat has a suit of cards associated with it. For the party i made a fun dramatic one with diamonds i'm calling the Diamond Jim version, that went out with the freebie box. There is another i finished in time that's simply "Full House" version and of course shows all the suits' symbols: Black on a deep red background of subtle striping. Of course I had to make a half cup of tea and a couple of Mad Hats, and it was all packaged in a "To-a-T Chest" :-)

Overall it was a blast, several people IMing me about the DJ and loving his crazy ecclectic taste. The playlist was a mad jigsaw of diametrically opposed music styles, yet somehow all working together. And, of course, when the "Cardiff Rift" gang from Katrina showed up...well it was about 10 minutes of Doctor Who music spam :D which was just fine by Most of my friends were able to be there including my lovely RL husband Stanley and a mad wild time was had by all!

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