Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Waiscoat of Rassilon

And now for the Waistcoat of Rassilon (said with an echo effect)

These waistcoats are in part based on the Victorian waistcoat Paul McGann wore as the Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who movie. The fine silk used shows a pattern made up of repetitions of the Seal of Rassilon. The different color themed packs are based on the different Time Lord chapters of the Gallifreyan Time Lords, of which there are six. Some i've broken up into smaller packs of two variations in a box. I recommend mixing these with something from another time period, preferably 21st century: jeans or sneakers, a time vortex manipulator or some such thing, all good complements.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these, I confess. I'm very happy with the shine and luster of the silk I found for this project. ;-)
Currently these Waistcoats can only be found at the Panopticon in New Gallifrey or the Cardiff Millenium Center in Katrina. I'll be putting them up in the To-a-T shop in Caledon Eyre sometime this week, with an official announcement.

-A special thanks to Mr. Numinus Quandry for posing for the vendors.
-A special thanks to Mr. Sputnik for helping with the textile pattern creation. He is a texture king.

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