Sunday, May 3, 2009

Edwardian Blossom - Sneak Peek

Dare to bare your decolletage in this ultimately sensuous Edwardian silk ball gown.
The Special premiere release of the Orchid colorway was this past friday.

The other colors to be released this coming Friday, May 8th. All the colors are:

Morning Glory
Peach Blossom
Black Orchid

And having just finished making the rest of my vendor images for this line of ball gowns, I thought I'd do a quick upload of some of the photos and give a preview of the colors to be available.

Now done with all the colorways, all I have to do is package them for this coming friday.
Oddly, my favorite vendor turned out to be the dark gown. Not very springy, but it's got that gothy dramatic look.'s a black orchid, it's supposed to be dark. That's my excuse for sneaking in the dark one...perhaps she's the black sheep of the family.

I've been working on these a ridiculously long time and I won't tell you how long either! But I'm happy with the outcome.
Spring has sprung! ;-)

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