Sunday, January 2, 2011

Steampunk Jypsy, Winterfell Rose

Inspired in colors and feeling by the Winterfell sims and Winterfell's emblem, and most importantly, Miss Serra Anansi, I've created a Victorian take on the icon of the independent and free gypsy.

This was a Christmas release and it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. But that's just how I roll... 
This sexy, strong & free gypsy outfit is all about metal, lace and ribbons, and it started out as a FREE outfit (Yes! Get a free version at the Winterfell community center) and then I kept embellishing it. A Steampunk Jypsy outfit with about a TRILLION options for how you might wear it. There's more in the box than on the vendor pic as I couldn't cram that many variations and items into one picture. The full version includes a few extra special items plus many more layers of each item for as many looks as possible. OK, yes. It's got ribbons in common with Christmas; lots and lots of ribbons.... 
Maybe I'll make a red version for Valentines?
Suggestions for another color welcome.

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