Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Vestements of Who?

OMG I've actually finished another outfit.
AND it's for men. Shocker of the century.(Actually it's also for women.)

Yes, It's true and I'm very proud of this one. The robe textures in particular. They have a nice rich velvet quality. Based on the 2009 robes seen in the new Doctor series. The oufit: robes and a short tunic along with trousers, with a timey whimey lordy symbol on the front. I've also thrown in a lovely old style skull cap, made by EzY McAlpine. I thought it added a nice traditional look. Personally I view these Prydonian colored robes all they were wearing as a consequence of the Time War and resuscitation of Rassilon. In my mind they are Time War era robes. But that's just me. I do prefer the traditional idea that all the different chapter houses have their own colors.
So, new product, not exactly Victorian, but woman/man does not live on bread alone! Sometimes we need a bit of time travelling too...

Also note: I've partnered with Hands of Omega to offer this and other role play avatar items under the new Visions of Pythia line. Some will be canon, like this one. Others simply my take on what Time Lord culture might wear, etc.

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